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Selling Property - In the USA

Selling Property In the USA

The U.S. property market has been in a state of dramatic change for the past several years. Though the crisis in U.S. real estate appears to be over, difficulties remain for buyers and sellers alike.  

Omniterra Real Properties assists its clients in creating the best environment to sell property. We provide detailed market analysis, promotional planning, and site preparation assistance.

We also provide specialized marketing and promotional services tailored to each property and client. Additionally, we counsel clients during the negotiation process and help them to achieve the best possible result.

Foreign owners of U.S. property who wish to sell should be aware of the special circumstances resulting from the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) that surround such transactions. Omniterra Real Properties assists clients in complying with federal law regarding tax withholding and other FIRPTA requirements.

For more information about selling property in the USA, please contact us for a personal consultation.